Woman dies after t-bone crash between car and school bus

Woman dies after t-bone crash between car and school bus »Play Video
(Photo: Mike Warner, KATU News)

ESTACADA, Ore. – A woman hurt in a crash involving a school bus and a car in Estacada has died from her injuries, according to Oregon Health and Science University.

It happened on Highway 224 at Highway 211 Friday morning.

Officials say Celia Cauich was a passenger in the car driven by her 16-year-old son when the car pulled out onto Highway 224 in front of the bus, and the school bus hit the car's passenger-side door.

No children were on the bus during the crash.

A LifeFlight helicopter responded to the crash and took two people to the hospital. Estacada fire spokeswoman Tammy Owen said those people were the driver and a passenger in the car.

Another passenger in the car was taken to a hospital by ambulance.

The school bus driver was not hurt.

The Oregon Department of Transportation cleared the crash scene and reopened Highway 224.

The intersection where the crash occurred sees about three major crashes each year, according to Estacada Fire Chief Bob Morrisey.

Javan Marsh lives in Estacada.  He knows better than most just how dangerous the intersection is where highway 211 and 224 meet in Estacada.

“My wife was in an accident,” at that intersection, Marsh said, “Someone cut her off and made a turn without, you know, without looking and they sped up to do it.”

The city of Estacada in 1999 said that intersection "…needed to be evaluated from either a safety, capacity, or geometric standpoint."

But Clackamas County's 20-year transportation plan updated last November set the "Recommended Priority" for that intersection at "Low."

Marsh said unless something changes, it's only a matter of time before there's another crash here.

“I know countless people around here would love to see a light go in there.  And, you know, we can put lights up elsewhere, we can do lane changes out there, but we can't put in a light?  I don't know, it should happen.”