School students show support for custodian after attack

School students show support for custodian after attack »Play Video
Students at Imlay Elementary in Hillsboro express their love for their custodian, Mike Kilgore, with stacks of get-well cards.

HILLSBORO, Ore. -- The stack of get-well cards are a sure sign of just how loved custodian Mike Kilgore is at Imlay Elementary School.

Police say Kilgore was keeping an eye on things Thursday night when he spotted a teenager urinating on the side of the building. He told him to leave but they say a group of at least three teens attacked him. They punched and kicked him and even beat him with some sort of metal pipe.

Parents like Michael Whitney got the news Friday.

"I've seen him on campus here for years. He's a really nice guy, really cares about these kids. The guy is just a nice guy; it's horrible someone thought it was okay to beat him up," Whitney said.

His daughter might be too young to fully understand what happened to Kilgore, but she's old enough to remember why he's so popular around here.

"Mr. Mike - he helped me find my coat one time, and I really loved that coat," she said.

Police believe the suspects range in age from 15 to 20 and most likely live in the neighborhood.