Schools prepare to welcome Crestline students

Schools prepare to welcome Crestline students

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Students at Vancouver’s Riverview Elementary School are preparing to welcome some new classmates.

Four classes of third grade students and one special education class from Crestline Elementary will resume their school year on Thursday at Riverview.

A fire destroyed Crestline early Sunday morning, displacing nearly 500 students. On Monday, Evergreen Public Schools announced that students would attend one of five Vancouver schools, based on their grade level. The students will stay with their Crestline teachers and classmates.

“As the day went on, I realized how devastating it was and started thinking about what space do we have that we can give to kids,” said Riverview Principal Ruth Beggs. “We’re very excited. We want to do everything we can to support our community, and Crestline is part of our community.”

While the Riverview student roster will grow by 93 kids, for some, the move will mean downsizing.

“Our instructional coach is giving up her office space, so our reading specialists can move in there, this is about a quarter of the size of what she’s used to using,” Beggs said.

Riverview students made signs Tuesday to make the Crestline students feel welcome. The school will also have coffee and donuts for the new families Thursday, and Riverview students will give school tours.

“All of our Riverview kids are all of our kids,” said Beggs. “But now it’s all of our Evergreen family are all of our kids.”

If you'd like to make a donation to Evergreen Public Schools to help replace school supplies lost in the fire, you can call 360-604-4088.

Cash donations and school supplies are also being accepted at two Vancouver Burgerville locations:

The restaurants are also planning fundraisers to replace school supplies.