Search for a NE Portland flasher frustrating

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Police released this sketch of the suspect on Wednesday.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- It's a frustrating search for a flasher in Northeast Portland.

Police say a man exposed himself to three 11 year olds Thursday near Beaumont Middle School. It's just the latest in a string of about a dozen reports over two months.

Parents and teachers are coaching kids about what to do if they see him. In the short time KATU News was outside Beaumont Middle School on Friday, a patrol car drove by. It was probably not a coincidence.

Everyone's looking out for the flasher in the neighborhood --  even the kids.

"I would look at his face, and I would look at how tall he was, how big he was, if he was chubby or skinny," said middle schooler Carter Johnson. "If I do see him, I'll get a good description. That's what my mom said," said Amadou Dialoo.

The conversations can be tough. Parent Dave Byelick knows that all too well. His daughter wanted to know what a flasher was.

"There's something awkward about explaining it, it's really more them understanding it, and just telling them how to respond, which is obviously get away from the person and try to find an adult," Byelick said.

The school says it's been sending email alerts home to parents, and teachers are talking to kids. The message: travel in groups, be vigilant, report immediately.