Second time in a month Fairview officer shoots at suspects

Second time in a month Fairview officer shoots at suspects

FAIRVIEW, Ore. – The officer who shot and injured a man earlier this week during a welfare check had recently returned to work after shooting at another suspect who police say had attempted to run him down with a car.

Fairview police Officer Brian Gerkman fired three times at Tyler Brown early Tuesday morning, seriously injuring him after police say Brown drew a knife on officers and lunged at Gerkman.

Gerkman and two Multnomah County Sheriff’s deputies were called to an apartment at 22719 N.E. Halsey at 3 a.m. Dec. 2013 to perform a welfare check.

Fairview police Chief Ken Johnson said they were allowed inside to check on Brown, who is a resident of Federal Way, Wash. Johnson said Brown was acting strangely.

While the officers were trying to figure out what was going on, police said Brown darted into a small kitchen and grabbed a large kitchen knife.

Johnson said there was little space between Officer Gerkman and Brown in the small kitchen. Gerkman ordered Brown to drop the knife, but he didn’t and lunged at the officer. Gerkman shot him.

Injured, Brown struggled with the officers as they tried to provide first aid, Johnson said. Brown was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition.

Johnson said it is not known if Brown was suffering from a mental condition or was on drugs.

The First Shooting 

On Nov. 11, Gerkman attempted to pull over a Chrysler 300 that police said had stolen license plates. But the driver of the Chrysler fled and turned down a dead end road.

Trapped, the driver turned the car around to face Gerkman and then stopped.

Gerkman pulled up in his patrol car and got out. The driver accelerated and Johnson said Gerkman believed he was going to be hit by the car and killed. The officer fired at the car. The bullet bounced off the hood and then the windshield.

The car swerved and missed the officer.

Gerkman was placed on administrative leave. A grand jury found he was justified in using force.

The suspect vehicle eventually hit a Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office patrol car at Northeast 223rd and Sandy after a high-speed chase, injuring a deputy and a passenger inside the suspect’s car.

Gerkman is once again on administrative leave, pending a grand jury decision and a review by the Fairview Police Department’s Use of Force Board.

Gerkman has been on the Fairview police force since Feb. 1, 2012.