Sellwood Bridge re-opens

Sellwood Bridge re-opens
Some of the first cars to drive across the Sellwood Bridge after the span was moved to make way for a new bridge.

PORTLAND, Ore. – Just days after the span was shifted to a new location, the Sellwood Bridge is set to re-open for traffic on Wednesday afternoon.

The bridge was scheduled to reopen Thursday at 7 a.m., but a project spokesman said the contractor was able to complete work ahead of schedule.

The Sellwood Bridge span was shifted on Saturday. It will serve as a detour bridge as workers build a brand new bridge where the original span once sat.

Multnomah County Commissioner Deborah Kafoury will drive the first car across the relocated bridge.

The speed limit on the detour bridge will be 25 miles per hour, slower than the 30 mph on the bridge before it moved. County spokesman Mike Pullen said that’s because there are some new curves at the ends of the bridge and because it is an active construction zone.

The detour bridge will be used until the middle of 2015 when the new bridge is scheduled to be finished.