Child porn suspect in court; police say gangs turning to sex trafficking

Child porn suspect in court; police say gangs turning to sex trafficking »Play Video
Terry Scott, 18, in court on Friday morning.

PORTLAND, Ore. – One of the four men accused of making child pornography with local kids and putting it on YouTube faced a judge on Friday.

Terry Scott, 18, is charged with rape, sexual abuse and sodomy.

Investigators say there is a gang connection to the case. They’re concerned that some gang members are ditching drug dealing in favor of human trafficking.

Law enforcement sources told KATU that Scott and three other suspects in the case had a party and recorded themselves having sex with two underage girls. Police said the suspects then felt safe enough to put the video on YouTube.

The police bureau is using this case as an example of how detectives have to adapt to catch criminals.

Antoinette Edwards, the city’s director of youth violence prevention, said she is seeing more gang members move into human trafficking as a way to make money.

“It’s less risky (for the gangs) because if you can get to someone and take advantage of their mind and their vulnerability, they’re taking the risk and you’re not going to be caught with the drugs,” Edwards said.

Mayor Charlie Hales, who earlier this week announced that he would be overseeing the police bureau, said the city’s officers will be getting tough on sex traffickers.

“We will find and arrest and prosecute and imprison people who abuse kids,” Hales said.

Police aren’t revealing many details about the sexual video in this latest case, although we know one of the victims was just 12 years old. The video was posted to YouTube in May and was eventually also linked on Facebook.

“I do know that it was viewed quite a few times,” said Capt. Kevin Modica with the Portland Police Bureau.

Eventually a staff member at Centennial Middle School saw the video on a student’s Facebook page and recognized one of the victims as a student at the school.

Police worry there may be other victims they don’t know about, as well.

“Many times there’s additional information that is disclosed and/or there are victims that come forward themselves,” said Modica.

In this case, only one of the four suspects arrested has a gang connection, police said. Still, members of Portland’s gang task force said at a meeting on Friday morning they are committed to fighting this problem in the gang community.

“I’d like to be able to get to that young man or young woman before they’ve been affected,” Edwards said, “before they become the perpetrator.”

Law enforcement sources told us it was Deshawn Rogers, 22, who recorded and posted the video. He has already been arrested and charged with a series of sex crimes.

Just one of the four suspects has yet to be arraigned. Nicholas Clisby, 23, is currently being held in a Washington jail for another crime. Prosecutors in Portland are waiting for him to be extradited back to Oregon.