Sex offender pleads guilty to two murders

Sex offender pleads guilty to two murders

PORTLAND, Ore. – A registered sex offender changed his plea to "guilty" Friday to two counts of aggravated murder.

Mark Beebout admitted to killing 15-year-old Mayra Cruz Rodriguez and 32-year-old Nikayla Powell.

Beebout wanted to avoid a trial and the possibility of the death penalty.

The plea agreement reached with prosecutors calls for Beebout to receive two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.

"We don't foresee that there will be any way that Mr. Beebout will ever be released from custody," said Deputy District Attorney Traci Anderson. "After serving one true-life sentence, he'll have another, in effect, to serve at that time."

Beebout killed Rodriguez in June and Powell in July.

He is scheduled to be sentenced March 14.