Sheriff's deputy won't be disciplined for Facebook posts

Sheriff's deputy won't be disciplined for Facebook posts »Play Video

A Clackamas County Sheriff’s deputy won't be punished for posting photos of his police work on his personal Facebook page, and then making fun of the people and things in them.

An internal investigation determined Deputy Robby Nashif didn’t do anything wrong.

Nashif stopped Milwaukie resident, Kelly Zimmerman, on October 3, 2013 for a traffic violation.  Zimmerman found Nashif on Facebook after that and discovered that Nashif had posted several photos there that he found questionable. Zimmerman filed a citizen complaint, which was resolved a few days ago.  

Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Sergeant Robert Wurpes tells KATU News that Deputy Nashif won’t be disciplined for the photos. The department also has no plans to revise its social media policy. 

That policy, which can be read in its entirety here, went into effect in September, 2013.  Part of it reads, “All employees should assume that their speech and related activity on social media sites will reflect upon their employment and in the sheriff's office."

Zimmerman feels like the sheriff’s office didn't enforce it with this case.

“I want to know why they think its OK. They seem to not want to admit wrong,” Zimmerman said.

Two of the photos in question were posted before the social media policy went into effect. One photo, posted in 2009, shows a motorcyclist pulled over on the interstate with the caption, “Another one bites the dust.” 

In 2012, Deputy Nashif posted a photo of himself working undercover, dressed as a homeless man. That photo was taken by the sheriff’s office, and released to the public in a press release. It doesn’t violate the policy because of that.

A third photo, posted in November 2013, is of a camouflaged truck that got into a crash. Nashif also commented on the photo making fun of the truck. According to Sgt. Wurpes, even though this photo was posted after the social media policy went into effect it doesn't violate the policy because it doesn't contain any identifying information about the truck's owner.

Sgt. Wurpes wrote in an email to KATU News, "As you know social media is fast moving and relatively new in the scope of things. As with any industry, we do our best to keep up with changes in technology and social media in regards to policy. Deputy Nashif is a hard working deputy who, overall, has a very positive impact on the community he serves."