Deputies searching for suspect after fatal shooting of county employee

Deputies searching for suspect after fatal shooting of county employee »Play Video
Members of a SWAT team search the property of an Estacada logging and wood business, O'Malley Brothers, after police say a county employee was shot and killed about a mile away. Police say the business is connected to the suspect because the suspect was driving one of the company's trucks before switching to another vehicle.

BORING, Ore. – The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office said it is investigating the shooting death of a county employee in the unincorporated area of Boring Thursday morning.

The sheriff's office said the victim was Grady Waxenfelter.

Waxenfelter was a weighmaster, a worker who ensures commercial truck drivers adhere to weight limits on roads.

The sheriff's office said Waxenfelter (photo below at right) started working for the county as a mechanic in 1987. He was promoted to senior mechanic in 1999 and served as a weighmaster since 2005.

Deputies are searching for a suspect. They say that suspect is 41-year-old Dirck Morgan White from Edgefield, Wash.

They say he is driving a 2004 silver four-door Mercedes Benz with Washington plates: ANB 7070.

An outstanding warrant for his arrest on a weapons violation was issued in Pierce County, Wash.
Police say White is armed and dangerous. And if anyone sees him, they should call 911.

Police say the suspect shot Waxenfelter multiple times during an inspection of the suspect's log truck.

Police checked out a place of business, O'Malley Brothers, that they say is connected to the suspect. That business is about one mile from where the shooting happened. The business is a logging and wood business.

SWAT teams searched vehicles of the business but didn't find the suspect. Police say he swapped his log truck for a car at the business.

Estacada schools were placed in lockdown while the sheriff's office searched for the suspect nearby.

The sheriff's office earlier tweeted that deputies were investigating report of an injured officer and an officer-involved shooting. They later said a county employee was shot and killed and the case is being considered a homicide.

It happened near Hwy 224 and S.E. Amisigger Road, emergency dispatchers said.

Highway 224 was closed at Baker's Ferry for the investigation.

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