Shoppers surprised to find neighborhood store suddenly closed

Shoppers surprised to find neighborhood store suddenly closed

PORTLAND, Ore. – A popular grocery store in Southeast Portland is out of business and many customers want to know why.

Food 4 Less on Southeast Powell Boulevard put up signs this weekend to let people know it’s closed.

Jerry Simmons showed up to do some shopping on Sunday, only to discover the store he used to work for was no longer in business.

“I worked here about 30 years ago,” said Simmons. “I used to do the floors.”

Simmons said he continued to shop at Food 4 Less after he stopped working there.

“The people who lived in this area right here, low income, they relied on this store quite a lot. It was a discount store,” he said. “I’m really surprised it closed down.”

Shoppers can go to a Safeway about two miles away, but Simmons said that will be difficult.

“Most of them that don’t have cars will have to take the bus,” he said.

Wayne Weatherbee agreed.

“I go to the grocery store and put groceries in the car. Groceries that I can’t take on the bus,” Weatherbee said.

KATU spoke with the store’s manager and owner. They didn’t want to comment on why the store suddenly closed.

“I am disappointed, but I also feel guilty,” said shopper Janet Stein. “It was really so much fun every time I shopped here.”

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