Woman's car keyed during dispute in grocery store parking lot

Woman's car keyed during dispute in grocery store parking lot »Play Video

LONGVIEW, Wash. -- A woman who asked another woman to move her shopping cart out of a parking place got a surprising reaction.

No, she didn't get the cart moved; the other woman scratched her car with a key.

It happened Monday afternoon in the parking lot of WinCo Foods in Longview.

The vicitm, who didn't want her name used or her face to be shown, did show us the damage to her car and told us what happened.

She said she was taking a lunch break when she went to the grocery store, and tried  to take a spot just vacated by another car.

The woman next to the spot who was unloading groceries moved her shopping cart in the way.

When the victim asked her to move the cart, she said the other woman used several profanities to let her know that was not going to happen.

The victim squeezed her car into the spot, and that's when the other woman took a key to her car door.

The victim got out and moved the cart behind the other woman's car, to stall her so she could get a license plate number.

"She just backed up right into the cart, sent it out into the parking lot, and took off."

The victim did get the Oregon license number on the vehicle, and police are tracking down the suspect.

WinCo may have surveillance video of the shopping cart clash, KATU has requested it but hasn't heard back from WinCo officials.

While it could happen in any lot at any store, the victim says she doesn't plan on shopping at WinCo again.

"I honestly couldn't believe it. Getting such a crazy, ridiculous response to a simple request to move a shopping cart. It was unreal," she said.