Some U of O students feel campus has changed in fallout of rape investigation into basketball players

EUGENE, Ore. - Some University of Oregon students are feeling campus has forever changed after university leaders tried to explain why they didn’t say something sooner about a rape investigation involving three men’s basketball players.

Brandon Austin, Dominic Artis, and Damyean Dotson aren’t facing criminal charges, but they are kicked off the basketball team for good. The university is facing some harsh criticism over how it handled the case.

A quick look around campus on Friday evening found students studying, walking around and laughing. One group was setting up for a weekend music festival in front of the Lillis Business School.

All of those are seemingly normal activities.

But if you ask around, some students will tell you something’s different now in the wake of the rape investigation.

"It's made me wonder more what would be done if I had been in that girl's position and who would have stood up for me,” said Anna Klos, a sophomore majoring in art history and theater.

Klos said she believes the recent rape allegations against the three basketball players - and how the university handled the investigation - put an unspoken double-standard into the spotlight.

"I really think it's important to draw attention to this because a lot of abuse goes unnoticed, especially when the male, or the perpetrator involved, has a higher standard in the university,” Klos said.

"I'm a little confused or disappointed in the administration. It's seems like it's been a long process, and taken more time than maybe people can understand,” said Zach Twardowski, a senior film student.

He feels like the university finally did the right thing by kicking the accused players off the team. He wants people to remember the woman who survived a night of alleged rape.

"Someone suffered. And it's easy to forget about that when you get into the politics of the law,” Twardowski said.

Both Twardowski and Klos believe the university needs to set a better example with how it handles sexual-assault allegations in the future.

No one knows exactly how much change will come from this controversy. It gives everyone something to think about as they continue building their lives on campus.

The campus Coalition to End Sexual Violence
is planning to rally at the president's office every day, starting on Monday, until the administration answers more questions about how it handled the investigation.