List found in home shows squatters may have a plan

List found in home shows squatters may have a plan »Play Video
Squatters, who were booted from a home in the 6100 block of North Mississippi, load their stuff into a van Friday. (KATU News photo)

PORTLAND, Ore. - New information has surfaced about some serial squatters who were kicked out of a home in North Portland this past week.

It's a story we've been following closely. You can read our previous coverage for background:

What was inside that home might narrow down the squatters' next move - a list of several addresses with notes about auction dates and how many bedrooms and bathrooms each home has.

We contacted several of the homeowners on the list and almost all of them were surprised, especially the ones who say they aren't even close to foreclosure.

One of the homeowners told us that Portland police sent her a letter telling her about the situation. She said police cautioned her to keep her house secure by keeping windows and doors locked, and being aware.