County fined in connection with weighmaster's fatal shooting

County fined in connection with weighmaster's fatal shooting »Play Video
Royce Waxenfelter

TUALATIN, Ore. - Tears welling up, you can’t help but feel Royce Waxenfelter’s deep loss.

His older brother Grady Waxenfelter, a Clackamas County weigh master, was shot and killed last February after pulling over a commercial truck during a traffic stop.

“I wish he was here to just love and to show me, to teach me, like he did all of my life," Waxenfelter said.

Waxenfelter heard about the Oregon Safety and Health Administration's $2,100 fine against Clackamas County.

It's based on weighmasters not being trained to recognize and deal with potentially violent safety stops, and for their cars' lack of clear markings, and ther flashing lights, which make them look like undercover police cars.

“No matter how it happened, regardless of any protocol, he's still gone, you know?" Waxenfelter said.  "And he can't be replaced. Ever.”

Clackamas County wouldn't comment on the OSHA fine because Grady Waxenfelter's family's notified it they plan to sue the county for $750,000 because of his death.

The county notes it did suspend weigh master traffic stops after the killing and a review delivered in July highlighted a number of problems with that program.

The man who investigators say pulled the trigger, Dirck Morgan White, hasn't been caught.

Royce Waxenfelter can't help but think about the deadly danger that suspect poses to anyone, and the loving brother he misses so much.

“I think it's just sad - It's a sad thing,” Waxenfelter said. “We know he's in heaven, we know he loved Jesus Christ, and he's a good father and a good husband and that's what we know.  We don't know where this guy is, we don't know what he's doing right now, and that's what makes it hard.”