State sends woman's personal info to ex-husband despite restraining order

State sends woman's personal info to ex-husband despite restraining order »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. - She says her then-husband tried to strangle her.

She’s still so afraid, she asked that we not use her name.

“On the floor, on top of me,” the woman said. “With a sleeve of a sweatshirt wrapped around my neck, choking me. And I was screaming for help when the children came downstairs and then he stopped.”

She got a divorce and a restraining order against Andrey Ceron-Tapia.

“He did violate the restraining order, two months after I got it, and he was arrested,” the woman said.

The woman didn't want child support from Ceron-Tapia, but said the divorce court required it.

Oregon's Justice Department oversees that program, and sent a copy of the woman's current address and other personal information straight to her ex-husband.

A spokesperson for the Justice Department's Division of Child Support said it's possible the woman hadn't filled out paperwork needed to keep her information confidential or that the paperwork was still being processed.

But in a copy of paperwork sent to the woman from the Department of Justice itself, there's a copy of the document in question. It’s signed and dated March 3.

This mother of three children says the Justice Department needs to own up to its inexcusable mistake.
“It puts people at risk. Not only myself as an ex-wife, I have three children I have to think about,” she said. “What is the State of Oregon gonna do with my kids if something happens to me, when they can't even be competent enough to keep my address away from this person?”

Oregon’s Department of Justice says it will review documents in the case and may release a statement Friday about what happened.