Clerk bites armed robbery suspect: 'I just didn't think about it'

Clerk bites armed robbery suspect: 'I just didn't think about it' »Play Video
Jamie Lynn Musgrove

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A store clerk took a real bite out of crime with the only weapon she had -- her teeth.

"I ignored the knife that she had in her hands, and I (bit) her hand, and she got mad, I think dropped the knife and started pulling my hair, and it was a physical fight between the two of us,” said the clerk, who didn’t want to be identified.

It happened Wednesday night at Jonny’s video poker store on Southeast Harrison Street. The clerk said a woman came in the store, asked for change, and then tried to steal cash.

"She bent over the counter, pulled my display pole, broke it, and then her hand was in the drawer of the cash register with all of the money in her hands, all the 20s,” said the clerk.

Instead of being scared, her primal instincts took over and the clerk left her mark. She bit the woman's right hand to stop her.

“I didn't decide to bite her. I just didn't think about it. I just wanted my money out of her hands. That's it,” explained the clerk.

The clerk is small in stature but tough as nails. She doesn’t know how hard she bit the thief, she just did it.

"I don't even remember. I just was thinking about taking 20s out of her hands,” explained the clerk.

The thief ran out of the store with just half of a ripped $20 bill. That's when the clerk called 911, and 20 minutes later police made an arrest.

Jamie Lynn Musgrove, 32, is charged with first degree robbery.

The clerk said police asked her to identify Musgrove, and she did.

"It was her. I said ‘I'm positive 100 percent it's her. But I’m hoping you guys check and make sure that my bite print is going to be on her hand’, and it was,” said the clerk.

The clerk said her boss is giving her a day off with pay for her hard work in taking a bite out of crime, a gift she gladly accepts.

Musgrove will appear in Multnomah County Court on Thursday.

"I hope it was hard enough to make her not forget what happened to her and she's not going to repeat what she did,” said the clerk.