Supermarket clerk picks up woman's grocery tab, she pays it forward

SHERWOOD, Ore- Patricia Clements is a regular at her local grocery store. She shops there so often she knows most of the employees by their first name.

Last Thursday she was at her local Albertsons to do some shopping and to pick up the medication she needs to help ease the pain in her back. She's had four surgeries and is out of work while she heals.

"I was taking my time trying to figure out what I needed and what I didn't. I'm trying to be frugal because I'm on a budget," Clements said.

She finally made it to the register and was about to pay her $50 bill when the checkout clerk told her to put her purse away.

"I got up to pay and I was told the bill had been taken care of. I was confused and I looked at her again and she said, 'No, really, it's been taken care of'," Clements said.

Turns out it was an anonymous Albertsons employee who picked up the tab, a big deal to a woman on disability and a fixed income. (KATU spoke with the store manager who said the employee wished to remain anonymous.)

But the story doesn't end at Albertsons. Patricia is already paying it forward thanks to something she spotted in the garbage can in her apartment complex.

Her kitchen table looks more like a triage unit after she salvaged dozens of unwanted toys.

Clements couldn't stand to see dozens of dolls and Transformers go to waste so she washed each toy one by one, even paying attention to the finer details.

She admits her family thinks she's a little crazy to dig through the trash but she's hoping a little work on these toys will create some great holiday memories for kids in need.

"With the way things are, there has to be some kids this Christmas that aren't going to have toys," Clements said.