Students stand up to unbeatable cyberbully

Students stand up to unbeatable cyberbully »Play Video
High school and middle school students from Dallas are being tormented by an anonymous administrator on Facebook.

This is an online bully that feels unbeatable. As soon as the school district gets the Facebook page taken down, another version pops up.

KATU first heard about the page after a concerned student emailed, writing, "They've called girls sluts, made racist remarks, and made fun of kids who 'have no friends.' ..."

Another student, Alicia Sherer, told KATU, "They do say pretty horrible things about people who have gone through tragic accidents, and they'll make fun of that ... but there's also people who 'like' it to laugh and think it's OK to see other kids picked on. That's probably the worst part is not just that it's posted but that people are liking it at commenting with it and agreeing."

Sherer says she knows standing up to the bullies behind the Facebook page might make her a target. She also started an anti-bully club called "Stand for the Silent".

"We really want people to feel like you’re not alone," she told KATU.

School Superintendent Cindy Perry told KATU she has been battling this page for about a year now and has been in contact with police, but also said it has been a tough battle for school administrators.

"The message is this could happen in any high school and probably is happening in every high school and I applaud (Alicia) for standing up," she said.

Dallas Police sent KATU the following statement:

"We are aware of the ongoing issue of the specific alleged cyber bullying.  We are working with the parents of a suspected poster as well as exploring potential criminal offenses in an effort to resolve the matter.  At this time we are unable to publicly identify the suspected juvenile poster.  Also, because the page content includes the likeness of individuals believed to be juveniles who may be victims of a crime, we are not releasing the URL or specific name of the site during the open investigation.  We appreciate the media's effort to bring this matter to light and resolution."