Surveillance video may shed light on fatal Burnside crash

Surveillance video may shed light on fatal Burnside crash
KATU photo.

PORTLAND, Ore. - Portland police say that video taken May 16 by surveillance cameras at the Max platform at Northeast 162nd and Burnside will hopefully shed new light on what led to a fatal crash.

Police say the video shows a white SUV with driver Shelby Lynn Williams and passenger Cleveland Nelson. Williams died in the crash.

On the video someone approaches the passenger side.

A spokesman for the Portland Police Bureau said the video appears to show that there was an argument and a punch was thrown.

Williams can then be seen getting out of the SUV and exchanging words with someone else on the platform, and Nelson can be seen tackling and punching someone else.

The two then got back in the SUV and sped off. Police say the SUV reached speeds up to 90 mph.

The day of the crash there was speculation the SUV was being chased by police but there are no police visible in the video, according to police.

The SUV then crashed into a truck at 148th and Burnside. Williams was ejected and died. Nelson suffered broken ribs.

Police believe there were witnesses to the incident. They are asked to call Officer Eric Koppang of the Major Crash Team Reconstruction Unit at 503-823-2216.