Swarm of bees take a liking to woman's car

Swarm of bees take a liking to woman's car

PORTLAND, Ore. - A Northeast Portland woman is in an odd situation - she's cruising around town in what she calls a 'driving hive.'

Jenna Cooper-Gross' Lexus has attracted a swarm of honeybees that have formed a nest on her rear window.

While it's amazing enough to see that many bees on a vehicle, Cooper-Gross said what really surprised her is that they take road trips.

"I went to pick up my daughter from school and didn't realize they were there," she said. "And then we got back out and there they were. I thought they would have flown off when I was driving, but not so much. They like my car."

Cooper-Gross works at the DoveLewis animal hospital and is very sensitive to all creatures big and small. So she has no plans to drive through a car wash as long as the bees are there.