Man injured in bizarre taxi cab crash is a DJ from Manhattan

Man injured in bizarre taxi cab crash is a DJ from Manhattan »Play Video
Jonathan Toubin is seen in this promotional photo by Angela Wieland.

PORTLAND, Ore. - A man who was lying in bed at a local hotel when a taxicab came plowing through a wall and landed on top of him is a Manhattan D.J. known as the New York Night Train Conductor.

Jonathan Toubin, 40, is in intensive care at Oregon Health and Science University with numerous broken bones and internal injuries to a kidney and his liver, according to his friends.

He was in town for a show when around 11 a.m. on Thursday a taxicab smashed through his ground-floor room at the Jupiter Hotel at 800 E. Burnside Street and landed on top of him while he was in bed.

The driver, later identified as 52-year-old Terry Uding (she drives for Radio Cab), had suffered some type of medical emergency.

"I looked up and seen the cab was all the way inside the room," said witness Dave Hunt. "Then I could see the guy lying on the bed. There was blood everywhere."

"It kind of drove up and over the bed and it rested on the back side of the wall," said Paul Corah with Portland Fire & Rescue.

Portland Police Officer Stuart Palmiter, a 19-year-veteran, arrived at the scene and enlisted the help of witnesses and hotel employees to lift the rear of the taxi, a Scion XB, off of the victim.

Photo courtesy of Greg Muhr, Portland Fire & Rescue
Toubin's friend and former New York band member, Aaron Montaigne, said the whole thing is surreal.

"The main thing now is to be positive and send out good energy for his recovery," he said.

Montaigne bartends at the Branx Club and Toubin DJs there during his tours across the U.S. Toubin was scheduled to be there Thursday evening.

"With this weighing on all of us, it's definitely going to be a heavy night," said Montaigne. "But all we can do is be positive."

Montaigne said even though Toubin's injuries from the bizarre accident are serious, he knows his friend will recover and be back where he belongs - traveling across Manhattan, Portland and the rest of the country sharing his zest for life and his love of soulful music.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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