Teen accused of fleeing scene of accident, on the run again

Teen accused of fleeing scene of accident, on the run again

SANDY, Ore. – The Gresham teenager accused of stealing a van for a joyride then crashing into another driver and fleeing the scene is on the run again.

According to the Clackamas County Juvenile Department, the 14-year-old boy didn’t report back Wednesday night to the treatment facility in Salem where a judge had ordered him to stay the last couple of months. It's not a lockdown facility.

A warrant for the arrest of the boy has been issued.

It's a disturbing development for Dean Pace who was the man from Sandy the teenager hit in February on Highway 26, nearly killing him.

The impact left Pace with eight broken ribs, a punctured lung and permanent damage to his kidneys.

Pace said he wonders if the boy will steal another car and put someone else through what he's experienced or worse.

"He ran from the accident, and now he's run away from the program that he was in – he's a runner, so it's up to the judge, but I don't think he’s going to be given the break of being in a loosely enforced facility," he said.

Pace said he's made a remarkable recovery from his injuries, is driving again and is getting ready to go back to light-duty work next week.

He said he still drives Highway 26 and relives the crash almost every time he passes the spot where he was hit.

The boy's father said he hasn't heard from his son and doesn't know his whereabouts. The teenager was just in court for this case earlier this week where his counselor told the judge that, aside from several lower-level violations, the boy was doing relatively well.

The boy faces three felonies and a misdemeanor for the crash.

Because he's underage, the juvenile department won't specify exactly where or what facility the boy was in, but he was either staying at a dorm-type place or with a foster family that took him to the facility for treatment on a regular basis.