Teen devastated after her prom dress stolen

Teen devastated after her prom dress stolen »Play Video
Mackenzie Koll searched and saved for months for her prom dress only to have it stolen off her porch after it was delivered.

OREGON CITY, Ore. – Mackenzie Koll searched for months for her prom dress – because not just any dress would do.

But after finding it, ordering it and having it delivered, someone may have stolen it right off her porch.

She saved about $80 on her own and split the cost with her mom so she could afford a floor-length gown lined with just the right amount of sparkle.

"It's my senior prom, so I wanted it to be the dress," she said.

It shipped three weeks ago – all the way from China with Koll's specific measurements. She got the delivery confirmation online on Monday.

"I ordered on the 5th, so I've been waiting for it for a month," she said. "And I was so excited to see that it finally shipped on Saturday, and then I got there to pick it up, and it was gone," she said.

The UPS website shows the shipment. The prom dress was delivered in a box on the front step at 11:46. But 15 minutes later it was gone.

"About two hours later, after the UPS guy had gone back and retraced his steps – told us exactly where he put it. Exactly what time," Koll said.

She realized it wasn't misplaced but that someone probably swiped it.

"I was just really sad. I don't really want to talk about it, because I just really want it back," she said.

With prom just about 10 days away, there's no time to reorder.

They checked the apartment complex office and retraced the UPS delivery steps with that driver. He was upset enough to hear it was stolen to come back to the complex and show Koll where he left the package.

Koll and her mom are just hoping that whoever took it realizes it is just a prom dress and will have a heart and bring it back.

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