Police and injured teen's family seek hit-and-run driver

Police and injured teen's family seek hit-and-run driver »Play Video
Ahriah Schaeffer was hit by an SUV early Tuesday morning.

PORTLAND, Ore. - Ahriah Schaeffer doesn’t know a lot about the driver who hit her and left her on the road early Tuesday morning. Schaeffer says she does know, “She looked right at me."

That's why the 15-year-old went to cross S.E. 111th Avenue at Holgate just after 6 a.m. She was pushing her long board skateboard and carrying a flashlight. Schaeffer was on her way to class at David Douglas High School.

Schaeffer says the driver didn't stop at the stop sign.

“She hit my right side,” said Schaeffer, “I landed on my left knee. And she backed up so I could pull my long board out from her car, and turned to go around me and drove off.”

The impact broke Schaeffer's arm. Her skateboard was jammed under the driver's small SUV so hard, it took a chunk out of one skateboard wheel and bent one of the skateboard's trucks.

“Luckily, she had a phone and she called her mom right away, got her mom to come pick her up," Schaeffer’s grandmother Cathy Cornett said. "But, I don't know, I don't understand what kind of person that is. Don't know how they could do that.”

The silver or grey car took off westbound on Holgate. Schaeffer believes the driver was an Asian woman in her 30s.

The hit-and-run crash left Schaeffer's family angry.

“Very much so,” said Cornett, “I would like to find out who this person is. I think she needs to turn herself in.”

After putting a splint on Schaeffer’s broken arm, doctors recommended she see an orthopedic surgeon. Healing will be easier than understanding what that driver did.

"Kind of shock I guess that they just hit somebody and they don't think, so they're in either a fight or flight mode and tend to just fly away,” Schaeffer said.