Thief steals car Portland couple was counting on to get to cancer treatment

Thief steals car Portland couple was counting on to get to cancer treatment »Play Video

PORTLAND, Ore. - Bonnie Bostick and Scott Miller were already living a pretty hard life at their Southeast Portland apartment.

Miller's not working because he's taking care of Bostick 24/7 as she struggles with an aggressive stage four cancer.

“I've been diagnosed with - it's a fast-acting cancer and it's on my lung and it's kind of spread inside,” says Bostick. “But they gave me four to six months.”

If that wasn't enough, life just got a little harder.

A few days ago, Scott Miller bought a car - a white 1988 Toyota Camry - to take Bonnie to cancer treatment.

It wasn't much, but it was enough, until something happened Saturday night.

“I went out to go get in it the other evening,” says Miller. “And somebody, somebody stoled (sic) it.”

“I think people right here, living here, something happens to their conscience or something," Bostick says. "I mean it goes away.”

Miller filed a police report knowing the chances of someone spotting such a generic car are pretty small.

Then he posted this message to the car thief on Craigslist, sarcastically thank them for taking transportation they so desperately need.

The car thief didn't reply.

But others did.

“Probably a half-dozen emails with people offering to take us to her appointments she's got coming up with rides,” says Miller. “So that made us feel pretty good."

For now, that's enough to keep Bonnie Bostick going.

“Giving up is really not an option,” says Bostick. “You still have to take care of yourself and feed yourself and provide for yourself. You can't just say I quit.”

While they appreciate the offers for rides, the couple would rather get their car back instead, becauese Bostick’s cancer treatment will require a lot of trips to the doctor’s office.