Thieves caught on camera in Salmon Creek neighborhood

Thieves caught on camera in Salmon Creek neighborhood »Play Video

CLARK COUNTY, Wash. -- A surveillance camera captured what looks like a white Ford Explorer pulling up next to Ann Druet's home in the Salmon Creek area north of Vancouver early Saturday morning.

The man and woman who got out of the SUV and casually strolled across the lawn weren't there to visit.

Anne Druet's family put up surveillance cameras at their home about a year ago.

“We had done it because we had had some problems in the past with kids," Druet said. "We had had our house egged once and tagged.”

Surveillance images show the woman and man taking solar-powered lights.

“So there was like eight that were all in this curve, and then we had three, like, color-changing ones in front of the window there," Druet said. "Yeah, and then our chairs were sitting right up against the house.”

The thieves also took a couple of lawn chairs. Neighbors think the same thieves stole an planter from the front of their garage too.

No one recognizes the thieves or their SUV.

Anne Druet can't understand why they're stealing so many decorations.

“I guess that people just don't think that it would mean something to somebody else,” Druet said. “To take their stuff. It kind of makes me feel violated to know somebody, in the middle of the night, is just gonna stop by your house and decide they're gonna take something off your front yard.”

Neighbors say sheriff’s deputies told them there has been a rash of similar thefts in their Salmon Creek neighborhood.