Thieves caught on video snatching packages from front porch

Thieves caught on video snatching packages from front porch

PORTLAND, Ore. – Thieves made a bold move of stealing two valuable packages from the front porch of a Southeast Portland home.

What they didn’t know is that resident Aron Anderson caught the whole thing on surveillance camera.

It happened on Tuesday afternoon. The video shows the thieves drive up to the house in the area of Southeast 60th and Woodstock minutes after a UPS driver delivered the packages.

The video shows a woman driving the car and a man step out. He appears to casually grab the boxes, check the labels in an apparent attempt to determine what’s inside.

Then, the thief takes off with the packages containing Volkswagen rims for Anderson’s tires, even despite a sign on the porch warning people they're on 24-hour surveillance.

Anderson notified Portland police, turned over the video to officers and also contacted UPS and the shipper. He also plans to check Internet sites to see if anyone is selling the Volkswagen rims.

Anderson is understandably furious over the thefts.

"There could have been someone right inside getting ready to open the door," he said. "Then what do you do? Drop it and run? Take off? I don't know."

He's grateful he put up the camera about a year ago after his neighbor’s trailer was stolen.

“So it’s just basically for people that came up to the door that we don’t know, (so) we can see they’re there,” Anderson said. “And also for stuff like this. When they leave packages on the porch. They’re not signed, you know, and this guy just walked away with them.”

To avoid falling victim to porch thefts, police and UPS officials recommend always filing a police report, notifying the shipper and UPS. Many times, the shipper will replace stolen items.

Otherwise, UPS officials recommend requiring a signature for package deliveries, so the valuable is not left unattended for long periods.

Anderson is in the process of working with UPS customer service to get either a refund or replacement.