Thieves steal Christmas trees from Beaverton lot

Thieves steal Christmas trees from Beaverton lot »Play Video
Dave Logan said someone stole five trees and several more wreaths from his Christmas tree lot in Beaverton on Friday night. (KATU photo)

BEAVERTON, Ore. – Dave Logan said he was surprised that anyone would target his business.

Someone stole five Christmas trees and several wreaths from Logan’s lot at an Albertson’s store in Beaverton Friday night.

“We just showed up and everything was a mess,” said Logan. “Trees were gone. The door was pried open. They didn’t get in, thank God.”

Logan said he normally sleeps in his trailer near the lot to keep an eye on his trees, but Friday night he decided to go home. The trees were left unattended.

The fifth-generation Christmas tree farmer said the thieves stole about $500 worth of merchandise.

Logan said the theft, and the declining Christmas tree business have made this season especially tough.

“It’s been declining drastically,” he said. “In the late 80s and early 90s, we were shipping ten semis to various parts of the country: California, Texas, whatever. Now, I’ve lost my last commercial account this year.”

Logan said families are buying more trees from big box retailers these days. More families are buying fake trees as well, which usually means they never buy from a tree farmer again.

Logan said he considered buying a fence for his trees in the past, but said it would be too problematic.

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