Thieves steal more than bike; they steal family's way of life

Thieves steal more than bike; they steal family's way of life

PORTLAND, Ore. – Thieves struck boldly when they stole a locked up tricycle in the middle of the day in front of a family's house Sunday.

The Buchanans' tricycle was more than just for fun - it was a crucial part of their way of life, and they depended on it in several ways.

Terra Buchanan spent a long time saving up for that $300 bike, and it's become an invaluable part of their family. It's not only helped her health but also her wallet when she can't afford gas. It's also helped their family bond.

As a single mother with limited funds, Buchanan is creative about helping her girls, Athena and Clara, find ways to have fun.

"We don’t have cable, we don't have a lot of extras, we don't go to movies, we go out and we go bike riding, we go to the park and that's our entertainment," Buchanan said. "We just can't afford the extra things."

Buchanan was finally able to ride with her girls after buying the red Schwinn tricycle. But it's more than just entertainment: it helps her get to work when money is tight for gas.

"I'm working on-call right now – sometimes I get six hours a week, sometimes 40 – and just trying to stay in this house has been hard for us the last few months," she said.

While they were enjoying the farmer's market Sunday someone snipped the lock and stole her tricycle from her carport at Southeast 148th Avenue and Lincoln Street.

"For someone to be able to stand in my carport and break a lock with all these neighbors around, just shows this neighborhood (that) something needs to be done," Buchanan said.

Last year she said someone ripped out her car radio. And now the tricycle, with its pedals powering her to work and baskets used for groceries for her family, is gone.

Buchanan said even though this occurred in the middle of the day none of her neighbors saw it happen.

She did file a police report, but at this point she's not too concerned with catching the thief, she just wants the tricycle back.

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