Thieves target convenience store lottery tickets

Thieves target convenience store lottery tickets »Play Video
Do you know who these men are? Loss Prevention Group wants to hear from you: 1-800-481-4633.

Two thieves took the gambling out of playing the lottery when they stole nearly a thousand dollars worth of scratch-off tickets from a La Center, Wash. convenience store.

"I was very upset how brazen these individuals appeared to be when they did what they did," said Jerry Berry, an investigator with Loss Prevention Group.

It happened last week at the Paradise Truck Stop off Interstate 5. Two men walked into the store at different times. Surveillance footage shows one of the men distracting a clerk at a deli counter on one side of the store. On the other side, the other man is seen crawling around another service counter and taking dozens of lottery tickets.

"The cameras here are not hidden," said Berry. "They're in plain view. It just seems pretty brazen for someone to think they could get away with something like this."

Cameras were also in plain view at a gas station in Ridgefield, Wash. That's where surveillance footage shows one of the thieves cashing in the winning tickets only a half hour after the theft. In the end, the two men came away with nearly $100 in lottery winnings.

Loss Prevention Group is offering a cash reward for anyone that identifies the two suspects. Anyone who might know the two men can call 1-800-481-4633.