Thieves took thousands, but woman just wants $20 pendant back

Thieves took thousands, but woman just wants $20 pendant back »Play Video
This is a picture of the Erin Tylosky's pendant. The top screws off and the cross is hollow. Tylosky kept her father's ashes inside.

SALEM, Ore. - A Salem woman is asking the thief who broke into her house Friday to return a $20 piece of jewelry.

Thieves took thousands of dollars worth of electronics from Erin Tylosky, but she's more concerned about her silver cross pendant because she keeps her father's ashes inside.

Her dad died of cancer in 2005, and the thief stole all that she has left of him.

"I had him around my neck for so many years and close to my heart. That's all we have of him and we miss him every day," Tylosky said. "We're very upset and angry but we also forgive. We just want Dad back."

She's hoping the burglars have a heart and return the pendant. But if that doesn't happen she's hoping someone spots it for sale online.

Tylosky also is scouring Craigslist ads, inspired by Jake Gillum, the Portland man who tracked down his stolen bike in Seattle after finding it for sale on Craigslist.

She also has family and friends who are scouring Craigslist ads.

And she's making a direct appeal to the burglars.

"Somewhere in there you've got to have some kind of human compassion and know that this is somebody's father, somebody's brother, son," she said.

But Tylosky is not relying on the kindness of the burglars. She also plans to visit local pawn shops showing them a flier with the pendant on it in the hopes they spot it.