This Portland party bus has gone to the dogs (literally)

This Portland party bus has gone to the dogs (literally) »Play Video

Portland, Ore. – In Portland, we do a lot for our four-legged furry friends.

But this bus has seriously gone to the dogs.

As you can imagine, there’s a lot of barking, howling and hogging of seats in this mini “dog party bus” outfitted for a pack of canines.

The dogs aren’t the only ones who enjoy the bus. Their people do, too.

“We have this great dog bus and this great woman in our neighborhood who takes the dogs to the park. And everybody loves it,” said dog owner Jackleen DeLaHarpe.

Meet Meg Vogt, the dog walker at the helm of the popular dog party bus that serves Northeast Portland, mainly the Sullivan’s Gulch neighborhood.

She picks up the pups in the bus – which has a lot of flare, including the words “Dogs rule” painted on the exterior of the vehicle – and they head to a nearby dog park.

Once they get there, all the dogs are off in the dog park.

Her secret to managing this furry dozen?

“It’s just trust and respect. These dogs just totally trust me and then we have equal respect,” Vogt said. “I’m not the alpha dog here. I’m just the camp counselor, and we all just go together and have a good time.”

Sadly, if you wanted to book the bus for your dog’s birthday, it’s jam packed to the limit, Vogt said.