Trash, tents removed from popular trail after complaints

Trash, tents removed from popular trail after complaints »Play Video
The After Picture: After Judy Crockett took photos and sent them to elected officials and government agencies, all the trash once here under the Ross Island Bridge from homeless camps was removed.

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The homeless camps are gone from the section of Springwater Trail under the Ross Island Bridge.

A month after our first story, rangers from Portland Parks Bureau worked with law enforcement to throw away garbage and abandoned tents this week, according to a spokeswoman.

Some joggers and walkers noticed the improvement.

"It's astonishingly different," said Judy Crockett, who we met a month ago, while she took pictures of the debris and sent her photos along with complaints to eight elected officials and government agencies.

"I wanted them to move their camps off the river," said Crockett. "That's all I wanted."

There were at least six tents and a huge pile of trash piled next to the trail, which is popular for people of all ages.

Why did it take a whole month?

Here's the email response we got from Jennifer Yocom, spokeswoman for Portland Parks:

"There are many different property owners along the Willamette River. Parks is only authorized to perform clean ups on our property or property in which we have an explicit agreement from the owner that we can perform clean ups. Parks did the appropriate work of making sure we have clarity around the specific boundaries of potential areas and planned the cleanup accordingly."

The before picture: Trash from homeless campers littered the Springwater Trail beneath the Ross Island Bridge.