Tree falls on house: 'I heard a snap, then I saw it'

Tree falls on house: 'I heard a snap, then I saw it'

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Scott Anderson said he was cooking his lunch when he was shocked by what he saw happening in his back yard.

“I heard a snap, then I saw it. I jumped back then it came tumbling down. I was hoping it’d fall the other way,” Anderson said.

A large tree fell on top of his house Friday. Limbs pierced and cracked his dining room ceiling.

Anderson said the impact was so strong that nails popped out of the walls.

He said he knew the tree was sick and needed to be cut down, but he thought he had more time before something like this would happen.

“Everyone’s having tough times out there, but I got laid off a couple months ago and two weeks ago I had a heart attack,” he said.

While this may seem like another hardship, Anderson said it could have been much worse. He is glad his family and his dog were not hurt.

“I was worried he was going to get speared,” said Anderson of his dog, "Nash".

“This is nothing. This is OK,” he said. “There are tougher things out there for sure.”