TriMet driver on paid leave after woman says he exposed himself

TriMet driver on paid leave after woman says he exposed himself

PORTLAND, Ore. – Wayne Hortona is outraged after his wife told him she was sexually assaulted by a TriMet bus driver.

Hortona's wife said she was alone on the bus when the driver wouldn't let her get off and then exposed himself to her.

"I know he took advantage of her," Hortona said. "He took her kindness for weakness."

His wife was still upset Wednesday to talk about the incident. Hortona said she's still pretty shaken and feels ashamed. He said it took her a couple days to tell him what happened.

She told him it was Friday night when she was the only passenger on the 70 bus. She was stuck on the bus till the end of the line and couldn't get off until after she said the driver assaulted her.

Hortona said he isn’t sure what is worse, seeing his wife in so much pain or feeling like he let her down.

"I was telling her you can trust this bus system," Hortona said. "He had pictures of his private parts on his phone ... (that) he tried to show my wife. And then he said, 'Better yet' – that's when he exposed himself."

His wife didn't tell him until Sunday. She was at a Southeast Portland bus stop and spotted the same bus driver and called her husband so she could confront the driver with her husband by her side.

"She said, 'why don't you tell my husband what you told me? Why don't you show my husband what you showed me?' And he's standing there and he's smoking a cigarette and he's shaking like a leaf," Hortona said.

Hortona then filed a complaint with TriMet and a police report.

TriMet declined to give details about the complaint, but it said it is investigating and the driver is on paid administrative leave.

But Hortona doesn't want that driver behind the wheel ever again.

"I don't think she'll ever feel OK being on the bus again. These are the people we trust," he said. "These are the people we trust with our children."

Hortona said he rushed to file the complaint with TriMet so that any possible video from cameras onboard the bus wouldn't be recorded over.

KATU News requested that video. According to TriMet, it typically takes several days to fill that request but it may be longer if there is an ongoing investigation.