TriMet bus driver rescues woman from beating

TriMet bus driver rescues woman from beating

PORTLAND, Ore. - Larry Porter, a TriMet bus driver, says he doesn’t feel like he's a hero after he spotted a man brutally beating a woman on a busy street and tackled him.

Porter says he simply did what was right and that someone had to help the woman.

He was just starting his shift so no one else was on the bus at the time, but he says there were other drivers on that busy street and he was the only one to help.

He says he knew the woman he saw while driving his bus near 96th and Division needed help desperately.

"At first, I thought they were just arguing. He pushed her but when I saw him hit her in the head and hit her in the face, I'm like this guy is beating this woman up and nobody is helping," he said.

Porter tried to yell at the man first.

"I said, 'guy, the police are on the way. Quit hitting her."

But he says the beating only got worse in an open field next to the road.

"I just knew I had to stop him from hurting her," he said.

Porter was behind the wheel of his bus, watching it all unfold. He says the one thing that surprised him the most was the fact that there were other drivers also on the road but no one else stepped in to help.

That is until Porter stopped his bus and tackled the stranger with all his strength "with a lot more force than probably what he was using on her," he said, adding, "I didn't hit him – just grabbed him, got him off her. Then I laid down on top of him and waited for the police."

He says that's when others jumped in to help hold the man down. But Porter was the first one to make a move, thinking of his own family.

"I got six sisters. I got daughters, sons, and my wife. If this happened to her, I would hope somebody would help them," he said.

Porter says it appeared the two were fighting over a cell phone. Police did show up on the scene, but it's unclear if the man was arrested or what happened to the woman.