TriMet bus driver videotaped running stop signs

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This image from video posted on the website Portland Transit Lane shows a TriMet bus running the first of two stop signs at the Gresham Transit Station.

GRESHAM, Ore. – A TriMet bus driver was recorded driving through not one, but two stop signs in a row while leaving the Gresham Transit Center, and the transit agency says it is now investigating.

Lane Jensen, who took the video of the bus running the stops signs near Eighth and Kelly, runs a website called Portland Transit Lane, which is critical of TriMet. He said it was not a one-time deal and he sees a number of bus drivers rolling through the signs regularly.

Bus riders at the nearby Transit Center said they want the stop-sign running to stop.

"I think it's wrong," said Sidney Jensen, who rides the bus. "What if somebody's walking? What if somebody had a dog or a kid? They'd be dead. I mean, those buses can't stop on a dime."

Many riders at the transit center said it is not at all unusual to see buses ignore the stop signs. Some said they worry that children or older people crossing the street will get hit.

"There's a lot of kids that run around here, there's a lot of little kids," said Bri Davenport, a bus rider. "I see, sometimes, parents not exactly paying attention sometimes – kids just running back and forth. … A lot of elderly people use that crosswalk from that medical clinic over there."

TriMet sent KATU News a statement saying it has been alerted to a serious safety violation where a bus operator was recorded running two stop signs.

"We have alerted the operator's manager to begin investigating and will take appropriate action," the statement said.

TriMet will not say what kind of action that will be. A spokesperson said possible steps for this kind of violation could be anything from training, to a letter, to much more serious actions.

Watch the video: