MAX service easing back into operation after shutdown

MAX service easing back into operation after shutdown

PORTLAND, Ore. -- TriMet hopes to have MAX Lines fully up and running Monday.

Service slowly returned to near normal capacity throughout Sunday.

TriMet plans to run regular weekday service Monday morning, but due to forecast freezing temperatures tonight, it is planning to have buses pull out for the morning service with chains.
Chained buses can only travel up to 25 mph, so riders should expect delays and keep up-to-date at

Crews are working on clearing TriMet Park and Ride facilities with a focus on the busiest lots: Gateway, Parkrose and Sunset.
TriMet says there will still be sections of these lots as well as other Park and Rides that will still have packed snow or ice.
The trains came to a halt around 7:45 p.m. Saturday, stranding many people. Severe weather was cited as the reason.
"The freezing rain moved in very fast yesterday evening and had more moisture than expected," Spokeswoman Roberta Altstadt said in a statement Sunday morning. "Ice quickly overwhelmed the MAX system and trains could not move.
"We do not take shutting down the MAX system lightly and TriMet personnel did everything possible to keep it going but it was impossible."

Altstadt said that the agency knows it inconvenienced customers and it regret that happened.