Tuesday morning anti-abortion demonstration planned outside schools

Tuesday morning anti-abortion demonstration planned outside schools »Play Video

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- With a son just five days old and an eight-year-old daughter going to nearby Rock Creek Elementary School, Cheri Bakhus says she is unquestionably anti-abortion.

“I don’t understand how people can actually give up a child,” says Bakhus. “Abort a child or give up a child to adoption. I understand certain circumstances, you know what I mean, but after looking at them the day they’re born it’s just like, I mean, there’s no question in my mind that I would never be able to.”

But just across the street from Rock Creek Elementary School where her daughter is in 2nd grade, an anti-abortion group plans to start a series of demonstrations Tuesday morning outside Beaverton’s Westview High School.

A similar group stood outside Battle Ground’s Prairie High School April 17th. Their signs contained images.

That worries Cheri Bakhus.

“Just picturing the images that they might be showing,” says Bakhus. “I would imagine like my child would probably come home crying telling me she’s seen this picture and she didn’t know what it’s about or whatever.”

The demonstrators at the Battle Ground event consider it their religious duty to do this outside high schools.

Demonstrator Crystal Chavez of the Vancouver Abolitionist Society said, “Parents who are watching who are very upset, we are up here not just for your children, but for you. We’d love to talk with you. We’re very open to dialogue.”

The principal at Rock Creek Elementary sent a letter home with some students, warning parents of the expected demonstration across the street before and after school through Thursday.

The Beaverton School District declined to comment on the demonstrators’ plans, beyond releasing a statement that police had been notified and that the demonstration wasn’t a school event and wouldn’t be conducted on school grounds.

Cheri Bahkus considers any talk about abortion with children a responsibility for parents, and no one else.

“If I were to go to school and pick up my child and see this protest going on, I would have some concerns,” Bakhus says.