Two stabbed outside Vancouver Starbucks, 1 arrest

Two stabbed outside Vancouver Starbucks, 1 arrest »Play Video
This is the scene of Monday afternoon's stabbing. (KATU News photo)

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Two people were stabbed outside a Starbucks in Vancouver on Monday.

The stabbing happened at about 5 p.m. in the parking lot of the store's drive-thru located at 11502 SE Mill Plain Blvd. One man suffered serious injuries. The other man's injuries were minor.

Police said two men got into an argument and one man pulled out a knife and stabbed the other man in the stomach. Another person was also stabbed.

There were about 40 witnesses who saw what happened and many rushed to aid the victims.

Alyssa Case said while she was getting out of her car she saw several men come out of the Starbucks and catch the suspect who was holding a knife. They then helped the victims.

Case said one man suffered a stab wound to the leg while trying to help the other man who was lying in the drive-thru stabbed in the stomach and neck.

"Someone gave up their sweatshirt and put it around the wounds," Case said. "One woman was holding it down, holding pressure, trying to stop the bleeding – just trying to do whatever we could to help him as best as we could."

Police identified the stabbing suspect as Scott C. Fandrich. He was arrested on first-degree assault charges.

The man who was stabbed remains in the hospital.