Using a free app, man finds his stolen truck

Using a free app, man finds his stolen truck

VANCOUVER, Wash. - A Vancouver man did his own detective work to track down his stolen truck with his iPad inside using an application he downloaded free from the Internet.

Restaurant owner Teo Ramirez is never far away from his iPhone and his two iPads.

"I pretty much run my business through iPad," he said. "All my information is here."

He left his iPad inside his truck in the parking lot of his restaurant overnight.

But on Thursday morning he discovered his truck had been stolen with the iPad inside. He immediately went online to the site for the "Find My iPhone" app. It showed him exactly where his iPad was – at the corner of Northeast Hearthwood and Coast Pine – just blocks from his restaurant.

Ramirez called police who recovered the truck and the iPad, which was still inside.

Sgt. Keith Hyde, with the Vancouver Police Department, said police were happy for the high-tech assistance.

"Nobody got hurt. There was no pursuit. There was no risk to the general public," he said.

There are dozens of tracker apps on the market for nearly every device. For iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches, PC Magazine recommends the app Ramirez downloaded.

To work, the devices need to have 3G and the GPS enabled.

For Androids, the magazine recommends, "Where's My Droid." Again, the GPS needs to be on. It is also free.