Van with two kids inside crashes into home

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Police give Lynda Bock a Breathalyzer. A homeowner said she heard a thump and came out to see Bock had crashed into her garage with two kids in the back.

VANCOUVER, Wash. – A van with two children in the back smashed into a home at 178th Avenue and 36th Way near Fisher's Landing Elementary School on Thursday.

Homeowner Terri Misiak was inside her home when she heard a loud thump just before 3 p.m. She came outside and saw the damage to her garage caused by a big white van.

Misiak saw the driver and her two 4-year-old boys in the back. She took the driver's keys away until police arrived.

"I think we're lucky, but mostly I think that those kids are lucky because can you imagine if she would have crashed into something else or someone else?" Misiak said.

The driver was observed by a reporter falling to the ground, crying and yelling out as she spoke with police. There was a bottle of vodka in the driveway that police took away as evidence.

Police gave her a Breathalyzer.

The driver's two adult sons came and picked up the van and their two young brothers. 

Steven Bock described his mother, Lynda, as a "hard-working, stay-at-home mother. ... Some people just have issues to deal with," he said.

Bock said he'll make sure it never happens again.

Police took Lynda Bock into custody. She faces charges of DUI and reckless endangerment. She's book into the Clark County Jail.