Vanc. schools on alert after rumor circulates online

VANCOUVER, Wash. - Parents and students of Vancouver’s Skyview High School are on edge after rumors of some sort of threat against the school circulated on social media over the weekend.
The Clark County Sheriff's Office said they spent the weekend investigating and did not find a credible threat. However, they are stepping up patrols today at Skyview and other Vancouver schools.
The school district sent a text, email and phone messages to parents over the weekend to alert them to the issue.

"Vancouver Public Schools has no other information about the rumor or the investigation at this time, and no updates are expected today,” the message read. “Questions about the investigation should be directed to the Clark County Sheriff's Office. Thank you."

On Monday, Vancouver Public Schools released the following statement regarding their security measures:

Vancouver Public Schools has strict security measures in place as standard procedure.  All staff members are trained in safety procedures, and safety drills are conducted routinely at all schools and district buildings. 

In light of recent events across the country and heightened concerns by parents, the district has taken additional precautionary measures.  Staff members at all schools were reminded of security policies and procedures.  Increased supervision and security was added at all schools for today and tomorrow, the final school days prior to winter break.

Friday, the school district sent a recorded phone message to parents of all students in Vancouver Public Schools, which stated:  “In light of recent events across the country, Vancouver Public Schools is taking additional precautionary measures, including increased supervision and security, to ensure students and staff members are safe.”  Letters are being sent home from schools today.  Samples of the letters and advice for parents are posted on the district website at

Superintendent Steve Webb released this statement:  “We were deeply saddened by the tragic news from Connecticut.  We are all grieving this horrific, senseless act.  Vancouver Public Schools will do all we can given our resources to reassure our children, families, staff, and community that our schools will continue to be safe places of learning and employment.  As we prepare for this holiday season, I know that we will all have the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School in our thoughts.”