Vancouver man thinks burglary suspects targeted him

You're supposed to feel safe in your own home. What happened to Andy Trinh on Tuesday is a little unsettling.

"We had a gentleman come to our front door who was posing as somebody who wanted to come and upgrade our alarm system for free,” Trinh explained.

Trinh said he didn't buy that guy's story at all because he already has an alarm system in his Vancouver home, and his wife would have told him about it.

"They were here to do the work yesterday. Yes. They wanted to come in yesterday. I obviously didn't let him in the house,” said Trinh.

He said the man didn’t have a uniform on, or logos on his clothes or car, that would identify him as working for an alarm company. 

“He had some fake ID that looked like he was with some alarm outfit, but it was no name that I’ve ever heard of before,” Trinh explained.

Instead, Trinh watched the man drive away, making a mental note of the make and model of his car.

"I moved over to the front window here so I could get the license plate when he left.  He was very suspicious even then, he like, was waving his hand at me,” Trinh explained.

UPDATE: It turns out the two men below were actually contractors who went to the wrong house, Vancouver police said Thursday. They committed no crime and Vancouver police are no longer investigating the case.

That same day, Vancouver Police released home surveillance video showing two men walking around inside someone’s house.  In a release, police said the men were possible suspects in a burglary that happened on December 7, 2013 in a home on the 1400 block of S.E. Columbia Way.  That home is just three miles from where the Trihn’s live.

Trinh’s wife, Sarah, saw that video posted on Facebook on Wednesday.  She showed it to him.

 “I knew it was him,” said Trinh, “I was like that's the guy that came to our door yesterday. Pretty freaky…an older guy, upper 40's, about five foot seven…heavier set."

There's also second man in the surveillance video. Andy has a theory about him. 

"He had a guy in the passenger seat and in the surveillance video there's two guy,” Trinh explained.

Trinh and his wife said they’re glad they stuck to their gut feelings about those guys, and called police.

“It’s just kind of unique that all of those dots would be connected,” he said.

Vancouver police now believe the cases are connected. They're asking anyone who recognizes the men in the video, or who has experienced a similar knock on the door, to contact them. They'd also like to hear from people who might have seen anything that could help the investigation.