Vancouver police seek complaints against coin store

Vancouver police seek complaints against coin store »Play Video

VANCOUVER, Wash. - Most coins are shiny, treasured and sometimes difficult to put a value on.

Vancouver police have gotten a handful of complaints of value lost in coin purchases from across the country from Vancouver-based Blue Moon Coins.

Police say the complaints started in December. People told detectives the company either didn't ship the coins they ordered, or wouldn't give them a refund.

Vancouver police say it would be different if these were just any coins. But they're not. In fact, some of these transactions involved thousands of dollars.

We tried to reach the man who appears to be Blue Moon's owner, Aaron Scott. No one returned our call to the company.

One woman in California, who says she lost tens-of-thousands of dollars sent to Blue Moon, also says she's suing the company and has filed a complaint with the Washington Attorney General's Office.

The office won't confirm whether Blue Moon is under investigation.

The Better Business Bureau revoked Blue Moon's accreditation in December and gave it an "F" rating because of unresolved disputes with customers.

One man who says he's most upset by all this is Kenny Vilkin.

We talked to Vilkin in 2007 when he owned Blue Moon Coins. Back then, he was the biggest coin dealer on eBay.

Vilkin says he sold out to his partner Aaron Scott last October. Vilkin sent us dozens of documents to show he sold his majority interest in Blue Moon to Scott, and doesn’t know what the police investigation is about.

“I don't know what they're doing,” said Vilkin. “Customers have been calling me looking for some help with their dealings with my ex-partner Aaron Scott.”

Vilkin says he’s more frustrated than any current Blue Moon Coins customer.

“In a million years, I never would have imagined this would have happened,” said Vilkin.

Vancouver police want to talk with anyone who's had a similar experience with Blue Moon Coins. They are asked to contact the police at (360) 487-7399.