Vancouver residents can now get online crime stats

Vancouver residents can now get online crime stats »Play Video
Screenshot from the City of Vancouver's online CrimeReports map.

VANCOUVER, Wash. - It used to be if you lived in Vancouver and wanted crime information about your neighborhood you had to wait for an annual report.

Well not anymore. Now there's an online crime map that you can access any time.

The map keeps track of everything from stolen vehicles, to assaults, to vandalism. You can track crimes for the last three days, the past week, two weeks or as far back as 30 days.

Trends can be followed and there is also a place to send in a tip to Crimestoppers. You can also see where multiple crimes have happened in one specific place. For iPhone users, there is also an app you can download.

Portland has a similar online crime map. To see the types of crimes that are happening in your neighborhood you just type in your address and hit 'search.'