Vancouver shooting victim had sought protection from woman

Vancouver shooting victim had sought protection from woman
Police cars sit outside the Clark County Center for Community Health Tuesday afternoon after police say a woman shot another person. The suspect has been detained, police say. (Photo: Lincoln Graves/KATU News)

VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) - The man wounded at a Veterans Affairs office in Vancouver had sought a restraining order last year against the former co-worker accused of shooting him.

Allen Bricker alleged that Deborah Lennon was stalking him with unwanted daily emails pursuing a romantic relationship.

The Columbian reports a Clark County District court commissioner issued two temporary protection orders in January 2013 but denied a permanent order in March because neither showed up at a hearing.

The sheriff's office says Lennon went to Bricker's office Tuesday and shot him twice in the chest. He remains in a Vancouver hospital with serious injuries.

Lennon is scheduled to appear in court Thursday, facing attempted murder and assault charges.

Bricker is a VA regional financial officer and Lennon had worked for him as an auditor.