Vandalism at Vancouver businesses takes a bite out of profits

Vandalism at Vancouver businesses takes a bite out of profits

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Vandals, apparently a couple of kids, smashed windows and broke lights recently at several small businesses, zapping money from an already small profit margin.

"Well, it's gonna be a lot of cups of coffee to get it fixed," said Scott Flury, owner of Latte Da Coffee House and Wine Bar. "You just keep plugging away and you can have fear or faith. And we choose to have faith."

The vandals were caught on surveillance camera at the coffee shop. The damage could add up to several thousand dollars.

Insurance will cover some of it, but it may take hundreds more cups of coffee to make up the difference.

At Prima Bella Salon it's not just the cost of a broken window – worth a half-dozen cuts and colors at least – but stylists can't keep appointments, meaning fewer dollars in their pockets.

But these business owners don't give up that quickly and while they clean up the mess, they look at the bright side.

"They did not get in – just the outside window, but that's a big hole, and that window's quite expensive," said Spring Duplissis, owner of Prima Bella.

The vandals did leave behind a baseball bat used to smash some of the windows. Police have that and are reviewing the surveillance video.

The coffee shop owner is planning to take the video to local schools to see if anybody recognizes the suspects.