Vandals break car windows in Oak Grove

Vandals break car windows in Oak Grove »Play Video
Photo by Bob Heye, KATU News

OAK GROVE, Ore. – Neighbors in Oak Grove say someone has been breaking their car windows on the weekends.

So far at least 8 victims have reported broken windows to the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office.

Solo Jensen, who found one of his car windows broken when he returned from vacation over the weekend, said the vandals have been breaking windows all over town for the last month.

"Nothing's been stolen as far as we know, just a whole bunch of vandalism," said Jensen. "Everybody's pretty much working-class people over here so it's a real shame that, more than likely, some kids are going around vandalizing."

In one case, vandals threw a concrete owl statue through a car window. David Wrenner found the owl in his car's back seat about a week ago.

"They need to be taught a lesson," Wrenner said. "You know, even if they're young, scare the crap out of 'em. Seriously, because maybe that will make them realize what they're doing."

The crimes only happened on Friday and Saturday nights. Neighbors say they'll be watching much more carefully.

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